I did an ab workout the other day and was having trouble staying on the bar for the prescribed number of hanging leg raises. So, I started interspersing alt hanging knee raises with twists. It was good. It enabled me to get more volume.

Let’s try it with 20 reps staying on as long as you can and chipping away. It will look like this. 4 hanging leg raises, 4 alt hanging knee raise twists, 4 leg raises, 4 knee twists, 4 leg raises. Done.

10 Minute Stations

3 Minutes Rest

Station 1

12/10 Cal Row

10 Plate Ground to Overheads 45/35

20 Mountain Climbers

Station 2

12/9 Cal Assault Bike

8 Alt Rotating Push-Ups

20 Jumping Lunges

Station 3

12/10 Cal Ski

1 Hanging Ab complex

10 Ring Rows

Station 4

500 Meter C2 Bike

10 Alt Single Arm Devil’s Press 35/25, or 50/35 if you’re looking to be Open Ready