Today we have a tough 20 Minute EMOTM. Open 17.5 was 10 Rounds of 9 Thrusters and 35 Double Unders. Anything under 20 minutes was above average. We’re going to make an emotm out of it today, set reasonable goals and go through this in a manageable way. It will be very difficult to get all of these reps today, so let’s make a plan B. You can take a round off, lower weight, lower reps, etc.

Part A

4 Rounds

50 Singles

25 Jumping Jacks

12 Wall Balls

Part B

3 Round Superset

8 Empty Barbell Front Rack Bulgarian Squats per eg

You can use 45, 35 or 15. If you feel good with these, load ’em up!

6 Dual DB RDL’s 50/35

Rest :90

Part C


Minute 1: 9 Thrusters 95/65

Minute 2: 35 DU’s

. . . etc.

Scaled: 65/45, 35 Singles. This is the CrossFit prescribed scale for competition. If you don’t have DU’s and want a good workout, I would actually suggest 9/6 cal assault bike instead of jumping rope. Talk with your coach.