Respect to those people who came in to hit the classic benchmark Jackie. Great intent and results on A, B and C from what I saw.

Announcement: The Thor Christmas Party will be on 12/28 at the Husk and Vine in St. James.

More details to come. There will be a price per head for food and then a cash bar. Look for sign up sheets in the next few days. It is open to friends, family, past and future members!

Some new arrangements here but sticking with

10 Minute Stations

3 Minutes rest

Station 1

10 Cal Row

4 Rotating Push Ups

8 Regular Pushups

15 Hanging Knee Raises

Station 2

12/9 Cal Ski

20 Jumping Lunges

15 Toe Touch Crunches

Station 3

10 Burpees

12 KB Swings 44/26

5 KB hang cleans per side 44/26

Station 4

500 Meter Bike Erg

250 Meter Row