Guys! Wednesday was tough! Great work! We’re going to hit cardio and core for Thursday with our Blaze class. Com eon in and get some active recovery. We’re going to bring back stations again for something different. We’re going to call these circuits, not AMRAPS, because I don’t want you to get “as many reps as possible.” We just want to cycle this at a moderate pace. Please wipe down your station after the wod. The coach will clean any area that needs extra work. Bring your yoga mat with you from station. If you have a yoga mat at home, feel free to bring it.

Station 1

12 Minutes

10/8 Cal Ski

15 Ring Rows

30 Alt Bicycle kicks-Maintain hollow, moderate pace

3 minute rest

Station 2

12 Minutes

500 Meter Bike Erg

100 Single Unders

30 Crunches

3 Minute rest

Station 3

12 Minutes

500 Meter Row

8 Burpees over the rower