Well an interesting day in the CrossFit world and in the Governor’s World. There have been positive steps in the world of CrossFit as a deal is in place for Greg Glassman to sell to Eric Roza. This seems like a step in the right direction. Here’s hoping for a new direction in the culture and direction of CrossFit.

ALso, there have been some reports that there is a hesitation to include gyms in the beginning of Phase 4. This is a surprise in that there are only four phases. People have asked me the logic and reasoning behind this. To be honest, if I found myself thinking along the same lines as what I see coming out of Albany, I would be concerned for my mental well being.

So, my date was July 8. I’m still hoping common sense will win out and that will be the date. If they want to delay a few days, or a week, we can make that work. If this turns out to be some open ended thing where we’re waiting for a vaccine or looking to hit some other moving target, we might be signing waivers and getting this thing going. Just a thought.



Minute 1

:30 Seconds Max Jumping squats

Minute 2

:30 Seconds Max V-Ups

Minute 3

:30 Seconds Max Mountain Climbers

Minute 4

:30 Seconds Max Hollow Rocks