Bench press


Progression in weight


“Loose Cannon” (last posted 1/11/18)

3 Rounds:
3:00 Calorie Row
2:00 Calorie Schwinn Bike
1:00 Sit-Ups
Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds

Lets focus on rowing technique! Did you know about the force curve? Keep an eye on it while rowing. It will help you row more efficiently.


Force Curve

The force curve display on the C2 Rower is a valuable tool that is often underutilized. The force curve is a graph that shows you how you apply power during the stroke, and how that power varies as you use the legs, back, and arms. The smoother the curve on the screen, the smoother the applied force. The more area under the curve, the greater the force applied. To find the force curve, just press the second button from the top on the right. The ideal force application will look like a bell shaped curve on the screen. A curve that looks like a mountain range means that the transition from legs to torso to arms can be improved. A curve that has a sharp peak at the beginning or the end means that athletes are maxing out their power at the beginning or the end of their stroke. Athletes can watch this force curve during their 3 minutes on the rower to help strengthen their rowing technique.

Force Curve Display 

Smooth Curve

Mountain Curve

Sharp Peaked Curve