The Thor Fitness Paleo Challenge has been announced with all the details.  I realize that the rules are rather strict, but that’s why it’s a challenge!!!  If you want to get on board and clean up your diet, get back on track training on a regular basis or just need a goal to keep you motivated, then sign up.  Download your Paleo Challenge Sheets and start signing up ASAP.  I will collect your entry fee, but I will not be taking measurements (if you opt in) until Monday.  The endurance and benchmark workout will be the wod on Monday.  The whole gym will be doing the endurance wod and benchmark wod whether they are doing the challenge or not.  At the end of the four weeks, we will do them both again for a before and after score.  In the last two challenges we’ve had in the past there was a huge turnout with a minimum of 50 members.  I hope this one will be just as successful.  Winners walked away with a good amount of money.  The more signed up, the bigger the pot.  It’s only four weeks!!  I know you can do it!  After all, if you fall off and have a zero for the day with your food log, you can at least make three bonus points up.  The challenge is based on the honor system, just like we do when we put up our score on the board for the wod.  If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.  Download and print out the following.  You only need two wods and measurements and four food logs.  Bring your sheets to the gym on monday and let’s get started.  If you can’t make it in Monday to start, let me know and we’ll work it out on another day of the week.



CrossFit WOD:

50 box jump 24”
50 jumping pullup
50 kb swings 35#
50 walking lunges
50 k2e
50 push press 45#
50 back extension
50 wall ball 20#/14#
50 burpees
50 double unders

**** There is a 30 minute time cap

Level 1 peeps will do half the reps!

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