Memorial Day is coming up soon and you know what that means … Memorial Day Murph. We’ll be doing Murph on Saturday, May 27th at 8 and 9. There will be no weightlifting class that day. There’s a sign up sheet at the board. Please sign up! It would be really great to not only come in and do Murph but register as well. That’s pretty much the point of doing this. Check out the link HERE for details as to where your money goes to. You’ll also receive a t shirt.

We will be closed on Sunday May 28th and Monday, May 29th.

No strength today. Let’s give the barbell a rest and tackle this endurance wod. Make sure you have your running sneakers. If you don’t have your own rope, it’s time to buy one!

CrossFit WOD:

4 rds:

400 meter run

500 meter row

75 du’s

singles are 2:1


4 rds:

200 meter run

300 meter row

75 singles