Another great weekend for me watching Thor Fitness athletes not only competing but killing it!! We had 11 athletes competing in Wod Wars and everyone not only did a great job but went above and beyond.  I’m so proud of each and every one of them.  Those competing in women’s scaled were Monica, Maureen, Meghan, Jamie and  Isabel. Scaled men were Justin and Kelvin. RX men were Andrew, Santiago and Alex. Rx women were Kristen.  Alison and Kenny judged all day. Props to them!! Judging is so tough! After a long and exhausting day we had four Thor Fitness peeps that made it to the final workout … Meghan, Jamie, Kristen and Justin.  Meghan placed 1st scaled women, Jamie placed 2nd scaled women and Justin placed 2nd scaled men.  Kristen made it to the final workout and killed it, but did not place (she was up against some beastly women lol.) Athletes started at 1 pm and didn’t end until 7:30. It was a super long competition ( a little too long if you ask me,) but they all kept the momentum going. I’ll be posting another album shortly on the Thor Fitness FaceBook page with A LOT of pictures of everyone competing throughout the day.

IMG_3158 IMG_3163

CrossFit WOD:

EMOTM 20 min

Odd min: 5 clean & Jerk 135#/95# RX+ 155#/115#

Even min: 8 burpees