Happy Mother’s Day to all the Thor Fitness moms! Stay home and get spoiled or come on in and get destroyed. Its up to you!

This is a repeat but not only is it great for building shoulders, but it reinforces pressing and jerk technique. Let’s hang with it as long as we can.

Part A


Minute 1:

15 Strict Presses 75/55

5 Push Press 75/55

5 Push Jerk 75/55

Minute 2:

25 second plank

Minute 3:

20 Barbell Shrugs 75/55

Part B

12 Min AMRAP

10/8 Cal Row

7 Strict Ring Dips or 10 benc or push ups

10 Barbell Curls 65/45

Part C

5 Rounds

15 Knee Raises

15 Plate crunches 25/15