Craig! First pistol too!! Boom!

Amazing day at Thor Fitness. People hit weight they had no idea they could hit. People got their first pistols! Great stuff. One more week. Let’s keep it going.

Schedule reminder: Sunday is SHRED at 7 and 8 and 10. Open gym is 9.

Please try to pre register the night before. Thank you.


Part A

20 Minute AMRAP

10 DB hammer curls 35/20

8 Arnold DB Press 35/20

Kettlebell shrugs 53/35

Run 100 Meters

**We’re going to try and not put the DB down in between curls and presses

Part B

5 Rounds

10 Ring Rows

15 CONTROLLED Barbell Strict Press (45/25)

15 Abmat Situps

Part C

Tabata Hollow Rock