Thor Fitness people giving awesome support to our new member, Joel!

So many great performances on Saturday. Awesome job by all! And huge thanks to all the volunteer judges. I really appreciate it. Let me know if you still need to get this in. Monday it will be posted again.

Change to the schedule. Sunday’s will still be SHRED, but we’re going to block out the 9 for Open gym. You can do the SHRED wod uncoached, you can hit a wod from the week that you missed, or you can work on strength, skill, technique, etc. Music, clock will all be available. So we’ll have 7 SHRED, 8 SHRED, 9 OPEN GYM, 10 SHRED.

Check TRIIB and still try to check in as early as possible. Thanks!



Station 1

10 Minutes

10/8 Cal Assault

10 Push-ups

10 Barbell Curls 65/35

1 Minute Rest

Station 2

10 Minutes

10/8 Cal Row

10 Bench 135/65

5 Strict Pull-ups

1 Minute Rest

Station 3

10 Minutes

10/8 Cal Ski

10 Deadlift 135/95

10 Bulgarian Split Squat per leg

1 Minute Rest

Station 4

20 Cross Body Crunches

20 Hanging knee raises

10 Russian twists 35/20