Sara at Flex!

Great job by all our Thor Fitness Teams at Flex on the Beach. I saw great reps, great effort and great teamwork. You can’t ask for more than that! Check out Facebook and Instagram as we’ll be loading photos soon.

Remember the new Sunday schedule! We have SHRED classes at 7, 8, 9 and 10. Please try to pre register on the TRIIB app as soon as you know which class, if any, you’ll be attending.


Part A


Minute 1:

15 Strict Presses 75/55

5 Push Press 75/55

5 Push Jerk 75/55

Minute 2:

25 second plank

Minute 3:

15 Kettlebell shrugs 53/26

Part B

12 Min AMRAP

10/8 Cal Row

7 Strict Ring Dips

10 Barbell Curls 65/35

Part C

7 Minute AMRAP

25 V-Ups

25 Reverse Crunches

25 Crunches