Matt Z Open ready!

Good job by all who came out Saturday to tackle Overhead Squats. Way to get in and work that tough movement.

4 SHRED classes on Sunday, 7, 8, 9, and 10 so pick one and pre register!

After our push-up/pull-up EMOTM, we have some good high intensity interval bodybuilding. It should be a good class!


10 Minute EMOTM

Odd: 45 seconds of push-ups

Even: 45 Seconds of Strict Chin-Ups

RX+: Ring or Diamond Pushups/Strict Chest To Bar Chin-Ups

15 Minute AMRAP

10/7 Cal Assault Bike Sprint

10 Empty Barbell Curls

10 DB or Empty Barbell Tri Extensions

15 AbMat Sit-ups w/crunch at top

15 Minute AMRAP

10/7 Cal Row

10 Push Presses 95/65

25 Tuck Ups