Push-ups. Check out the above video. We can do this! Those who are not strong enough can work on getting just one pushup like the above example, while “keeping the body rigid.” We can do negatives, we can push up to a bar in the rig and then lower the bar as we get stronger. I recognize core strength can be an issue. I ordered some ab wheels from Rogue that will be here next week that will help with this. We’ll be using them in BLAZE and SHRED to build that position.

Those who ARE strong enough and are still not keeping the body rigid or reaching full extension at the top, or touching the chest to the floor, we absolutely have to fix that. I suggest making a video of yourself and doing 3 quick sets of 10 to see what you look like and what you can fix. Just because your coach doesn’t call you out, doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made.

We’re CrossFitters. We can snatch, clean, swing on a bar, squat, push jerk and deadlift. Some can even do handstand pushups and dips and muscle ups. The Push-up should not even be a question. Nor should volume. An argument can be made for doing push-ups every single day. I promise, if you work on and improve your push-up you will perform better across the board, and look good while doing it.

Pre-register and come to SHRED Sunday, we’ll be experimenting with some different kinds of push-ups.

But for Saturday, we have . . .


“Overhead Costs”

9 Overhead Squats 95/65

9 Chest To Bar Pullups

200 Meter Run

15 Overhead Squats

15 Chest To Bar Pull-sup

400 Meter Run

21 Overhead Squats

21 Chest To Bar Pull-ups

800 Meter Run

PERFORMANCE: 75/55, Pull ups

FITNESS STRENGTH: 75/55, Ring Rows

FITNESS SPEED: 45/35, Ring Rows