We have another beautiful day Sunday so we’ll take advantage and get a couple of more runs in. Let’s also focus on setting up our bands on the rig for strict pull-ups so we get the right stimulus on our sets of ten. After the Metcon we’re going to carefully get some work done on the GHD machines.


Yes, this again. We haven’t done it in months so let’s see how our muscular endurance is.

Part A

100 Bench Press 135/65

100 Ring Rows

Part B


Cal Ski

Strict Hanging Knee Raises

Russian Twists 35/25

GHD’s, or ABMAT Situps

Half the group will start with A and half will start with B. One should not affect the other. As a matter of fact you might actually find increased performance on bench once you are warmed up.


“Wall Street”

25/20 Cal Bike Buy In

3 Rounds

200 Meter Run

25 Wall Balls

10 Strict Pull-ups

25/20 Cal Ski Cash Out

SCALED-Banded or Ring Rows

Part B

GHD Instruction