Reesie Girl!
SHRED victim?

To start the week, we’ll be working on whatever the next skill is for you in the progression of kipping swing, to kipping pull-up, to kipping chest to bar, to a bar muscle up. So let’s take 15 minutes to work on that. Maybe you want to practice stringing together more reps of something you already have? Great! Try and try again. Coaching and cues and video tutorials are great but ultimately you have to get up there yourself and try and fail and try again. The brain and body are amazing. They’ll figure out a way. Just keep trying!

So, let’s get an aggressive head through arch position and then back to a strong hollow and then use that momentum to get high on the bar.

Then, for the wod, we have a little burner. This is something we can push a little bit and try to get through quickly. The numbers are reversed from the traditional order of CrossFit rep schemes so it will get you off to a fast start. Let’s see if we can hold on till the end! We hit Toes To Bar on Saturday but I’m putting them in again. We had some people have breakthroughs with them and I’d love to see them lock that in.


Kipping Swing, Kipping Pull-up, Kipping Chest To Bar, Butterfly, Muscle-up





Toes To Bar

Russian KB Swings 70/44

Push Press 95/65

Calorie Row

Fitness 75/45, 53/35, Knee raises or reverse crunches