Today is the In House Throw Down! Classes are cancelled for the day and will resume next week. Athletes arrive at 8 am to warm up in the back of the gym. Judges meeting will be at 8:30. That’s right. Judging is taken seriously. You will be no rep’d if you do not follow the standards, which will be gone over before each workout. I would like to start by 9 am the latest. Joe and I were at the gym all afternoon putting heats together and setting up so things are well organized to keep this moving. It looks like we will be finished by 11:45 if things run smoothly.

Here are the workouts again:

WOD #1

amrap  10 mi

Buy in (partner 1 and 2 relay style run around the building two times each)

7 burpee over bar while partner is in plank hold (athlete A burpee and B plank hold)

7 pull ups  (athlete B does pull ups while athlete A static hold chin over bar) ( Scaled static hold on rings)

7 thrusters (Athlete A thrusters  while athlete B goblet static hold)

WOD #2


Clean  + front squat + Shoulder to overhead

total weight for each athlete

WOD #3

share the reps for time

200 du’s  (400 singles – scaled)

100  kb swings

60 T2B  scaled – knee raises

50 cal row

*** 3 burpees each at transition


RX 95/65 thruster, pull ups, 53/35 kbs, T2B, Du’s

SCALED 65/45 thruster, ring rows, 35/26 kbs, knee raises, single under

LEVEL 1 45/25 thruster,  ring rows, 26/18 kbs, knee raises, single under