Don Diego on the sandbag run

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I know many of you are excited for our in-house competition coming up Saturday, November 19th!! I still have not decided on same sex or coed. We will definitely be forming teams of two. Please take the time to do this brief survey, and be sure to make one choice only. Click HERE for the survey.

And another announcement, Thor Fitness will be hosting Barbells for Boobs on Saturday, November 5th. We do two major fundraisers every year, Barbells for Boobs and Memorial Day Murph. Start your individual pages and join the Thor Fitness team. Click on the link HERE to get started. I put a goal of $2000 for us to reach. I do this every year, and every year we usually go above and beyond that goal. Let’s do it this year! There are gifts you will receive for hitting certain donations. All the info is on that link.

CrossFit WOD:

Row 2000 meters

At the 10:00 min mark begin

100 kb swings 35#/26#. EMOM perform 5 burpees

At the 20:00 mark run 400 meters

Scores are 1500 meter time, time to complete 100 kbs and 400 meter run. We will take all three times and add them for a total.


Row 1000 meters

at the 10:00 min mark beging

75 kb swings 26#/18#. EMOM perfrom 3 burpees

At the 20:00 mark run 400 meter

RX+ 53#/35#