My girl Jess

If you haven’t downloaded the Sugarwod app, do it!! There are 80 Thor Fitness peeps on it. It’s a free download and will help you not only keep track of your workouts, strength, Pr’s and benchmark workouts, but also keep in touch with and motivate the other members of Thor Fitness.  It’s one of the best apps out there by far and it’s very community driven, which is what CrossFit is all about.  Down load it now!!

Speaking of community, today will be a team workout. I know I said yesterday it would be teams of two, but I lied. It will be teams of three.  This looks like a good one! Don’t cherry pick. Come in for a great workout, and don’t be afraid to team up with others you don’t know.  

On another note, Alison has brought attention to the fact that another Wod Wars competition will be held in September right here on the Island in Calverton.  So far since her post on the Thor Fitness Facebook page on Friday, 8 fusion peeps have registered to compete.  If you are interested, click HERE for details. Sign up now for an early bird special.

CrossFit TEAM WOD:

Teams of 3 perform:

25 minute amrap:

400 meter run ( one person only each round)

30 power snatches 95#/65# ( two people only each round) **

15 pull ups ( all three must complete 15 pull ups, but only two working at a time)

** Barbell cannot rest on the ground. Snatches must be touch and go.

All three athletes must complete the pullups before starting another round. 

The workout will be scaled and modified as we usually do!! 


1. Back squats 65% x 3 x 10

2. Front squats 75% x 3 x 3 ( between each set perform 5 box jumps mod height

3. Good mornings 3 x 10 using weight down to 45 degree angle. On last rep #10 explode from launch mid thigh pos.

4. ab rollers:  3 x 10 reps (same as barbell roll outs) See if you can do these without kneeling.