It’s Barbells For Boobs fundraiser today at 9 am!  So far the Thor Fitness team has raised $6,141 and our team is ranked 55 out of 904.  I think that’s awesome.  So we’ll be doing “Grace” 30 clean and jerks for time 135#/95#.  And in the usual CrossFit fashion you can and will scale the weight if need be.  Heat #1 is at 9:15, Heat #2 is 9:30 and Heat #3 is at 9:45.  I may even combine heat #3 into heats 1 and 2.  After feel free to stay and hang out and invite anyone in to come and watch. I have some mimosa’s and I believe Carissa may be bringing something to munch on.

Check out the fundraisers on our team:

Jessica Rodriguez: $ 738

Don Crotty: $710

William Drake: $688

Alison Pristera: $612

Carissa Macchione: $509

Bo William: $418

Patty Feldman: $488

Maureen Connolly: $346

Tanya and Rich Reilly: $318

Nicole Szaty: $276

Andrew Manello: $250

Michelle Barazani $215

Veronica Hildebrand: $156

Cynthia Orendach: $100

Justin Alkes: $81

Kristen Maccarone: $75

Amy Schenk: $65

Alex Holt: $61

Meghan Frederickson: $25