This Sunday is a chipper that focuses on back and biceps. This is a classic bodybuilding split. My preferred split is more of a push/pull combination but I like changing things up so I created this. I also like doing this the week after our chest/tri chipper.

It’s a good one. If you are not accustomed to high volume arm work we’ll talk about scaling options. We’ll be using bands if necessary. I want everyone pulling vertically at the end.

Part A

Back/Bicep Chipper

10/8 Cal Row

40 Ring Rows

40 Close grip empty barbell curl

20/16 Cal Row

30 DB Rows per arm 50/35

30 Dual DB Hammer Curls 25/15

30/24 Cal Row

20 Bent Barbell Row 95/65

20 DB Concentration Curls per arm 25/15

40/32 Cal Row

10 Wide grip strict chin-ups

10 Bicep chin-ups

50/40 Cal Row

Part B

5 Rounds

10 Strict Hanging Knee Raises

25 Toe Touch Crunches