Nice work on those position holds. It’s amazing how much work it takes to hold an empty barbell in place with tension. So we’ve been reinforcing our snatch positions this week. We’ve hit hangs, snatch grip deadlifts and position holds. Next week we’ll get some overhead squat work in and then finish with full snatches. Maybe we’ll see some PRs!

Shout out to Coach Nelson who has been working tirelessly on the barbells. They’re shined up and spinning nicely! Great job coach!

Alright, let’s get a chipper going for Saturday!

***We have regular hours all weekend but come in the back door as we are painting the floor up front. Thanks!


“Ponch and John”

1000 Meter Row Buy in. Then . . .

2 Rounds

50 Double Unders

40 Box Jumps

30 Wall Balls

20 Burpees

10 Toes to Bar