Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Today we have Murph and modified Murph as well. I’m starting promptly at 8 for the first class. This means be at the gym no later than 7:45. The clock is starting at 8:00. If you’re attending the 9 am class, arrive by 8:45 and ready to go by 9:00. If you’re late, you will be doing the first mile alone. I have plenty of rings set up for those doing ring rows for a pull up sub out.

The gym will be closed Sunday and Monday. Regular hours resume Tuesday.


*** If you have a 20# vest, wear it 


800 Meter run

50 pull ups

100 push ups

150 air squats

800 meter run

partition the reps as you like, but the run cannot be broken up


Teams of 2, 3 or 4 share reps and run as you see fit. The run can be split up as you like but it will be in the beginning and at the end.