Once again his weekend we’ll be tackling “Murph” on Saturday at 8 or 9. The weightlifting class is cancelled and the gym will be closed Sunday and Monday. If you are new to Murph don’t be afraid!! I’ll have half Murph as well as a team Murph for you to partner up with anyone you’d like to split reps and run with. I urge you all to register so you’re contributing to the Michael T. Murphy foundation. I am not collecting money. This has nothing to do with Thor Fitness. You can go to the link HERE and get all the information regarding the story behind this Michael T Murphy foundation and why we come out every year, as well as thousands of other boxes nationwide, to pay tribute to one of our own from Long Island who gave up his life for our country. Check it out. With a $40 donation you will also receive a t shirt.


2 pos snatch

floor + hang

1 + 1 x 5

CrossFit WOD:

Box jump Annie


double unders



Box jumps 24″/20″