Great work this weekend!

Okay guys, summer is here and we have some coaching changes. I’ll be coaching Monday nights, and Kristen Maccarone will be be picking up Monday and Wednesday mornings. Kristen coached me for years at 5:30am and I’m psyched she is able to help out over the summer!

Okay, to the wod. This is heavy on the legs, but break it up into sets and get it done.

Notice the calories are “calories of choice.” You can pick any machine. You can switch around as well but not within that particular set. I stayed with rower the whole time and it was a good workout.

The first set of cals and the light OHS squats are a great warm up for the remainder of the workout.

35 Minutes

90/63 Cals of choice

80 Overhead Squats 45/35

70/56 Cals of choice

60 Front rack lunges 95/65

50/35 Cals of Choice

40 Front Squats 115/80

30/21 Cals Of Choice

20 Back Squats 135/95

Scale weight accordingly if you can’t RX but try to increase each movement

Barbell must be taken from floor