Hey guys, great weekend. That was a very solid Shred session and the reps looked really good. We’re getting there! Then we had a good open gym on Sunday. Some people did SHRED because they missed it. Others came in with a plan. And some figured it out when they got in. Love it! Don’t forget, Sunday is a good day to work with some things we don’t normally do in wods. Sandbags, rope climbs, ab wheels, GHDs etc. If you need ideas just ask me and I’ll come up with something.

And you have to check out Mike R’s Olympic lifting class. It looked great and the feedback was awesome!

Finally, the apparel is in. It’s on the bench with your name on it with the amount due. You can pick it up and VENMO me the total.

Part A

4 Rounds

250 Row

8 KB Sumo DLs ( no high pull) 70/53

5 Perfect Push ups (3 second negative if possible) **Make sure your whole body comes off the ground at the same time

Part B

3 Round Superset

15 Between bench KB Squat 70/53 (See video below)

20 DB Frog Pump 30/25

Part C

5 Rounds For Time

11 Deadlifts 225/155

11 Wall Balls 20/14

11 Cal Row

Performance: 185/125

Fitness: 135/95, 14/10