Looks like the morning is going to be ugly so there will be no morinng classes. Stay tuned to Instagram and the blog for info on whether the afternoon classes will be on. If we’re open, this will be the wod.

After programming over 150 consecutive home wods during lockdown, I will never be doing that again. So I suggest doing some burpees and then eating some pancakes. Sorry Craig.

Part A

4 Rounds

8 Cal Assault

8 KB Tall Knee to standing

8 KB Pull through

Part B

8 Minutes

1 Squat Clean every minute

adding weight

Part C

AMRAP: 12 Minutes

6 Power Cleans 115/85

9 Toes To Bar

6 Power Cleans 115/85

12/9 Cal Bike

Performance: 95/65

Fitness: 75/55