Okay, first some business items. Good work so far with all the protocols. Let’s not slack on the masks. Let’s keep up the early reservations too. It helps the coaches prep and know if and when to start class or if they’re waiting for somebody.

Attendance packs. If you’re reading the blog and haven’t made your return yet, we do sell ten packs that don’t expire. A lot of people have decided to get their feet wet with this. They don’t expire and are easily converted to monthly memberships, as I’ve already done for a few people who decided to come back full force after training a few times.

Finally, just a shout out to those regulars who I’ve been seeing everyday. You guys have put your head down and attacked this programming. It’s only been three weeks but I’m already seeing a difference with regard to performance and physique. I’m very psyched.

Alright, let’s start the week off with a pump sesh and some armor building. Let’s go!

Part A

10 Minutes easy Bike

Part B

12 Minutes

10 Cal Row

10 Feet elevated Push-ups

10 Abmat situps

Use regular push-ups or kneeling push-ups as scales

Part C

5 Rounds For Time

8 Burpee Box jump overs 24/20

10 Deadlifts 155/105

12 Ring Rows

Performance: 135/95

Fitness: 95/65, 20/11