Hey guys. So, the Governor’s website states that that gyms, fitness studios and exercise classes are NOT included in Phase 2. I’ve been in touch with several other affiliates and we’re making our case to the powers that be but barring a miracle we are looking at Phase 3 or 4.

As the day approaches, I’ll be collecting the gear that is loaned out. I have a disinfectant fogger company that is ready to go and we’ll be fogging and disinfecting the gym and the gear. We also have to meet the yet to be announced guidelines with regard to spacing, gear sharing, class size, class staggering, etc.

I’ll continue to update you via this blog.

Okay, Monday is nice. Let’s get to the track!


Running Annie


Double Unders


400 Meter Run after each round

Scaled: 2:1 Single Unders