Hey everyone. Hope you guys salvaged a nice Sunday with the family! This was a good one that I posted the day after Easter. Let’s give it another shot. It hits what I’m looking to hit to start the week. Yes, multiple holidays in lockdown. Crazy.

I’ve been following news on mandates and updates carefully. Things are very much dependent on the numbers which are fluid at this point. We should learn a lot more this week.

Regardless, there will be some changes when we reopen. But one thing I know is we will all need TRIIB. One, because we won’t be sharing a community iPad anymore! And two, because we will be making use of the check in pre registration feature in order to reserve class times.

So if you are following this blog and don’t have the TRIIB app, please be prepared to download and get familiar with it. I’m hopeful the end of the lockdown is approaching and we’ll back together soon. Or at least 6 feet apart.

20 Minute AMRAP

20 alt step ups

5 pushups with 3 second negative

5 Single leg glute bridge L + 5 single leg glute bridge R

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Burpees

* So for Monday we have low rep push-ups but with a 3 second negative. We’re looking to hit that negative today so if you have to cheat your way back up that’s fine. Get a nice three second even negative to the bottom position