Jana making huge progress on Hang Snatches Sunday!!

We have a 21 Minute Emotm today. These are fairly low numbers but its a little heavy and there are some skills here. I’ve seen a lot of athletes making progress in their strict pull-ups AND their double unders. If you’re close to being able to do either of these, or both, I’d like you to try it. If you have some double unders, get what you can in the minute. Or stop at 45 seconds. Or see if you can get 10. This will get you 7 good minutes of concentrated practice. Same with pull-ups. See what you can get and then finish up with kipping or ring rows. We’re taking the day off from Sugarwod today. It’s training day.

Regarding strength, we started last week with front squats and we’ll be ramping up our squats at least once a week with percentages based on the Hatch Squat program. We can’t dive all the way in because it’s too much volume combined with CrossFit wods, but I’ll be amending it to fit into our programming and alternating between back and front squats.


Back Squat

10 Reps at 60%

8 Reps at 70%

6 Reps at 75%

4 Reps at 80%



Emotm: 21 Minutes


Minute 1: 35 Double Unders

Minute 2: 7 Hang Power Cleans 155/105

Minute 3: 7 Strict Pull-ups

PERFORMANCE: 135/105, Kipping Pull-ups

FITNESS: 115/80, Ring Rows, 70 Singles