Happy Monday everyone! Today we are doing strength sandwiched in-between two conditioning workouts. There is a time cap for the first part, and the strength program is a 3RM deadlift, but this is not meant to be a PR day. Have all of your equipment ready to go for each part of this workout so you can rotate from one to another. If you are doing Fitness for the last part, do the knee raises instead of medball sit-ups. The more you do knee raises, the better your grip strength will get.  I’ll post 3 different sections on SugarWod for you to post your scores. If you have not yet downloaded the SugarWod app and joined the Thor Fitness team, do it!

Also, don’t forget to order new apparel and please pay ASAP. The order is going in this week. There’s a lot of two new shirts as well as thermal cups. 




0-12 (time cap)

3 rds:

400 meter row

400 meter run

12-25 min



25-35 min

10 min amrap

7 wall balls 20#/10′ 14#/9′

7 T2B


amrap 10 min

7 wall balls 14#/10′ 10#/8′

7 knee raises