I hope you all had a great weekend! Let’s get the week started with a cool group warm up. Be on time! Warm up, strength, metcon and core work are all on the clock. Wait for your coach to go over everything. 

This Saturday at 10 am Joe G will be coaching a new class. This is specialty class that will cover foundational exercises and gymnastic work. Here is where you can work on your “goats.” I’m really excited for this class. It’s a great time to really focus on things you need help with in a longer time frame than 15 minutes when we usually work on a skill during our regular classes. The Open starts in February. It’s time to finally get that Muscle up!! Muscle ups will be in the open workouts for sure.

Warm up groups of 2

“You go I go” 10 min

100 meter row (as fast as possible)

5 deadlift (light weight)

5 power cleans

5 air squat



2 POWER CLEAN + 1 JERK Progression in weight


60 Situps

50 D lift 135/95

40 T2B

30 cal row

20 back squats 135/95

10 ring muscle ups (sub 20 C2B pull ups)

*** Level 1’s will be scaled by your coach

*** 20 min time cap. Set yourself up for success! Move efficiently with great form and ROM.  Scale accordingly to beat the time cap.

C Core

3 sets

20 sec wall sit

20 sec hollow rocks

20 sec supermans or hollow arch rocks

20 sec rest