I hope you had a great weekend! It’s the last week of the six week challenge. I’m really impressed with the progression these people involved in the challenge have made throughout the last five weeks. Let’s wish them good luck on the final week and hope they stay to continue their CrossFit journey with us.


Cluster (squat clean thruster)


CrossFit WOD:

3 min amrap:

25 double unders

5 power clean

Rest 1 min

5 min amrap:

25 double unders

5 squat cleans

Rest 2 min

amrap 7 min:

25 double unders

5 squat clean thrusters

Rx 135#/95#

RX+ 155#/115#

L 1 55#/35#

*** scale accordingly. I want you to move efficiently without struggling on the bar.