I hope you all had a great weekend! I would like to give a shout out to some awesome peeps new to the Thor Fitness family, and that’s the 20 individuals participating in the six week challenge. They are approaching week four and they are still going strong!! All have been consistently showing up to workout and had a rough first two weeks getting through some aches and pains that come with working out. The workouts have been amped up as well and they are tackling them head on as true CrossFitters. Good luck on the the next three weeks! 

So this week I’d like to really focus on technique. I hate to see heavy lifts being attempted when form and technique are non existent. There’s no reason to keep increasing weight on a lift when technique isn’t spot on. Why increase the weight on set four of a strength program when set three you struggled with not only the weight but your form, technique and range of motion? I know the answer to this, and that’s ego. Set your ego aside and start lifting smarter. I will not tolerate reckless lifting in my gym. If the coach on the floor for the class is helping you out, take their coaching cues as being helpful instead of taking them as an insult. We are here to help you become better athletes, and lifting heavy weights with shitty form does not sit well with me. It sucks when I hear from my coaches that certain people in the gym make them nervous because not only do they lift too heavy with crappy technique, but they don’t listen. So let’s dial in on lifting a little lighter and looking and feeling better when you are finished with your strength/skill program and/or your workout.

These are some examples of what gives CrossFit a bad rap …


Pause Front squats

5 x 2

2 – 3 second pause in the hole, then explode up.

CrossFit WOD:

For time:

60 kb swings 53#/35#

50 box jumps 24″/20″

40 abmat situps

30 kb sdhp 53#/35#

20 push ups w h/r


60 kb swings 26#/18#

50 step ups 14″/11″

40 abmat situps

30 kb sdhp 26#/18#

20 push ups w h/r