What motivates you? Your ego or your purpose? I saw this interesting article from CrossFit Invictus. Check it out HERE.

Names are on the PR board of people who want to compete in the In-house competition. If you want to compete and have not found a partner, put your name on the board. I will also be needing judges. Let’s get teams formed ASAP!

Also, this Saturday is Friends and Family Day! Feel free to bring your BFF, spouse ect to Thor Fitness for either the 8 or 9 am class. Please give me a heads up as to who you are bringing.


Back squat

1 x 6 at 70%

1 x 6 at 80%

1 x 3 at 90%

1 x 2 at 95%

CrossFit WOD:

5 rds:

1 min at each station for max reps:

Kb swings 53/35 RX+ 70/44

sit ups


box jumps 24”/20” RX+ 30”/24”

Rest 1 min