Happy Monday everyone!! Thank you for coming in this weekend and facing some pretty hard workouts. Sunday’s group warm up “Death by ten meters” was a hit (especially since there was a ten minute time cap.) We had a huge turnout all weekend. Let’s keep the momentum going. I still notice there are A LOT of you still MIA. What happened to being consistent? I realize the Summer months are short, and you all want to get as much in as possible, but your training shouldn’t take a back seat. Get in and get it done. It’s only one hour of your day. The more time you take off, the harder it is to get back into it. 


Hang power clean


CrossFit WOD:

21 hang power clean 135#/95#

21 burpee over the bar (bar facing or lateral)

100 double unders

15 hang power clean

15 burpee over the bar

75 double unders

9 hang power cleans

9 burpee over the bar

50 double unders