It’s not too late to participate as a sponsored team for the Amp Fitness League winter season starting this Saturday. ¬†Please let me know by this afternoon if anyone is interested in forming a team. We had three teams last season held here at Thor Fitness, and had a great time. You can form a scaled or RX team made up of four to eight athletes.

And how is everyone in the LuRong challenge doing? We have about 15 people signed up. Stay focused! Be sure to log in all of your meal points and workouts daily and weekly.


5 sets 3 position snatch (floor, below knee, above knee)

Add weight for each set or feel free to focus on technique and form and stay light. 

CrossFit WOD:

6 rds:

1 min max reps row (cal)

1 min max reps burpees

1 min max reps wall balls 20#/14#

1 min rest

Your score is total reps