Hey guys, please remember to do those surveys and if you can please try to reserve your spot the night before or at least an hour before class starts. Thanks!

Let’s hit those back squats! We have 20 minutes to work up to a heavy single. Every athlete is different with regard to how they like to hit their heavy single. We have a good Part A that will get your legs warmed up. After that I would hit some nice deep squats with the empty bar, then start adding weight to that bar and reducing reps as you climb. Avoid taking huge jumps. Something like 10/5/3/2/1/1

In Part A, we have lateral box step downs. See the video below. I would keep the box at a height that you can keep that foot a little forward and just kiss the ground with the heel before coming back up. This will feel similar to a scaled pistol.

Part A

3 Rounds

10 Cal Assault bike or bike erg

6 Lateral box step downs per side

10 Glute bridges-Controlled descent, no rest at bottom and two second squeeze at top (10X2)

10 Banded good mornings-Band connects to rig, step in, walk out, let band pull hips back with each rep

Part B

Back Squat

20 minutes to work up to your heaviest single rep

Part C

3 Rounds

15 Back Squats (185/125)

400 Meter Run

Performance: 135/95

Fitness: 115/80