Hitting the core hard today.

So, we’ll start off with cardio to ge the heart rate going. And then we’ll go into this complex that I tested today and was pretty spicy.

Check out the link above for the no push up burpees we’re doing today.

5 Minute AMRAP

6 No Push-Up Burpees

6 Jumping Air Squats

12 Forward step alternating lunges

12 Jumping Jacks

5 Minute Rest

Then 5 Minute AMRAP

5 V-Ups

10 Second Flutter Kick

5 V-Ups

10 Second hollow Rock

In this complex, keep your head off the ground and go unbroken from one movement to the next without resting. When the round is over, you can drop your feet and your head, recharge and get another round. Get your rest. Round three is when the burn sets in.