Hey guys. I just wanted to talk quickly about Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) in this new environment. NEAT represents the calories we burn during non exercise activity going about our daily activities. So some of us might have turned up the running and cardio during quarantine which is awesome, but we might be spending the rest of the day on the couch. No good. There are lots of studies that prove that just moving throughtout the day is key to health.

A lot of those opportunities have been taken away from us right now; errands, work, etc. So let’s keep that in mind throughout the day. Get up and move. Amazingly, just shifting postions, or moving your legs or tapping a foot throughtout the day is shown to have health benefits. The human body does not like hibernation.

So added to Friday’s wod is this challenge. Perform a 1 minute plank every hour for ten hours. Can you do it? Not a ton of work but it will keep your body from hibernating.

Also, a new home movement! I’ve been hesitant to program this because I was concerned about CrossFit Fail potential. But desperate times . . .



Rotating Pushups

Table Pull-ups