Way to get outside on Thursday and and get some work done. I received some cool pictures and heard about some cool wods our members did. Keep it going! Remember, if there is something else you might need, text me at 516-524-8384 and I’ll see if I can get it to you.

Also, if you have questions about programming or want a wod specific to your equipment, let me know!

It’s supposed to be nice midday. Try to get to the football field today.


“End Zone”

10 Pushups

Lunge 10 yards

10 Situps

Lunge ten yards

Repeat until you score a touchdown (100 yards)

Change Direction

10 Pushups

Broad Jump 10 yards

10 Situps

Broad Jump 10 Yards

Repeat until you score a touchdown

Scaled: Kneeling push-ups