CrossFit WOD:

1000 meter row

5 rds:

20 pull ups

7 shoulder to overhead 115#/75# RX+ 135#/95#

Take the time to watch this video on rowing technique. There are some great tips that will make you a more efficient rower. I teach this on the very first day of elements and this is the first thing that goes out the window during CrossFit workouts.  Just because you’re sitting, doesn’t mean it’s rest time and you don’t have to think about what you’re actually doing.  If you see someone pulling really crazy and the rower (erg) is coming off the floor with each pull and the chain is making crazy slapping noises against the metal … it’s not a good thing!! Not only does it look ridiculous, but that athlete is getting no where fast and expending a lot of energy. Work on your rowing technique.  Your rowing workouts will feel a lot better.