Those of you who are pull with your arms early in the power snatch, check out the above video. See how his arms are locked out straight all the way until that barbell gets pulled in to the hips. See how his shirt actually gets dragged up by the barbell path This is how close the bar should be to you. Let’s try it!

Part A

3 Rounds

5 Empty Barbell Hang Squat Snatch

5 Low Box Jumps

:20 Active Hang from Pull-Up Bar

:20 Top of Ring Hold

Part B

Power Snatch


Work up to a heavy touch and go double

Part C

5 Rounds

10 Power Snatches 95/65

10 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

10 Box Jumps 24″/20″

Performance: 95/65, pull-ups

Scaled: 75/55, ring rows, 20″/11″