Every year for the last four years Thor Fitness has participated in the fundraiser BARBELLS FOR BOOBS.  I’ve created my own fundraising page as well as a Thor Fitness team.  Once again, let’s all participate and start up our own individual page and in the process of setting that up you can also join the Thor Fitness team.  I’ve set the goal of $2000 as I’ve done in the past.  We always seem to reach it and then some.  Last year we may have even doubled that.   On Saturday, October 18th we’ll all get together and perform “Grace” as our fundraising wod (30 clean and jerks.)  Don’t feel pressure to raise a ton of money.  Every little bit helps, and a great way to ask for donations (without actually asking anyone face to face) is by posting it on your Facebook page.  You can register HERE.  If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask me at the gym or text me.  SAVE THE BOOBS!!

For those of you participating in the Long Island Fitness League, you should have gotten an email regarding the new details as far as refunds and reregistering teams.  The competitions start Saturday, October 25th from 11 to 2 and will be held for five consecutive weeks at our box.  Since it’s less of a commitment as far as time and money, you can also form smaller teams (always 2 guys and 2 girls will be competing.)  If you are thinking of forming a scaled or RX team, do so now.  This is a very well organized series of competitions.  It’s a great way to get your feet wet and start competing.  There are standards listed on the website to help guide you as to whether or not you are a scaled competitor or RX.

And don’t forget this Sunday at 9 and 10 will be Bring a Friend Day at Thor Fitness!!  There must be someone you know who is interested in what you’re doing and is probably sick of hearing all about CrossFit.  Get them in here and wod together!!




Hit a heavy single.  This is a squat snatch.  Work on your technique if you would rather not hit a heavy 1 RM today and don’t forget to wear your olympic lifters!!!

CrossFit WOD:

EMOM x 15

20 double unders

1 snatch 70% 1 RM (squat or power)


pull up ladder

1 pull up min 1, 2 pull up min 2, 3 pull up min 3, 4 pull up min 4 ect … until you can’t complete  pull ups within the minute.