Another awesome day coaching everyone through a very technical lift the full snatch!!  The PR board is filling up this month once again.  And to all of my newbies right out of elements, way to go!  You are doing some really difficult lifts.  Technique, mechanics and form are super important before thinking about loading the bar up with weight.

This Saturday is the Civilian Military Combine in Brooklyn.  I love the CMC because it’s so different from the other type of “Mud runs.”  It’s geared toward CrossFitters, and that’s what makes it fun as well as challenging.  The course in Brooklyn is great, especially if this is your first time.  Thor Fitness was on board with the CMC from the very beginning at the first one in Camelback PA about two years ago.  We usually have a pretty big turnout and end up having a great day together.  Good luck to everyone and have a great time!!

And don’t forget to bring someone Sunday to either the 9 or the 10 class for Bring a Friend Day at Thor Fitness.  I’ve already got a wod planned, and it’s going to be a good one!


Back squats

5 x 3

Add 5 to 10# from last week

CrossFit WOD:

8 min clock

1000 meter row

With the remaining time complete max power cleans 115#/85# RX+ 135#/105# L1 85#/45#

Rest 3 min:

4 min clock

500 meter row

With the remaining time complete max push press or jerk 115#/85# RX+ 135#/105 L1 85#/45#

*** You will have two scores , one for max power cleans and one for max push press or jerks.  Put in on the board during rest time