Good work on that clean and jerk workout. We have another shorter style CrossFit style workout today. So remember, we learn how to pace the longer workouts, but we also have to know when it’s time to put the pedal down and see how long we can hold on.

Let’s go.

Part A

10 Minutes

12/10 Cal Row

10 Ring Rows

8 Ring dips or bench dips

Part B

Build this complex

1 Power Snatch

+ 1 Hang Poer Snatch

+ 1 Overhead Squat

Part C


Power Snatch 95/65


Scale weight to something you could 8-10 unbroken when fresh

Scale pull-ups to something where you could complete the first set in one minute. That can be ring rows. Or it could be something like 12-9-6 Pull-ups