Hey guys, shout out to those who made it on for the last two days for some tough work, especially Monday.

Today we have two short intense pieces for Part C. Remember to look at thise wods and game plan going in. For a 20 Minute AMRAP, slow and steady is good. If I program a 4 minute AMRAP and then give an equal amount of rest, what does that mean? That means we go as hard as we can for 4 minutes. No water during the wod, no chalk breaks, just go. Different speeds for different wods. Come on in and give this sprint a try.

Part A

2 Rounds

400 Meter Run

10 Plate ground to Overhead

25 Abmat Situps

Part B

Warm Up Deadlift

Then . . .

4 Round Superset

3 Deadlifts @85% of 1rm

7 DB Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats per leg

Part C

Amrap 4

50 DUs

10 Clean and jerks 75/55

Rest 4 Minutes

Amrap 4

50 DUs

10 Power Snatches 75/55

Scaled: 100 Single Unders or 10/8 cal Assault Bike or ski sprint