Hey guys

I just wanted to announce that Thursday night at 5:30, some Thor Fitness people are are gathering at Rockwell’s for Happy Hour. It’s open to all, so come to Blaze, bank some calories, and then go out and spend them!

This is a repeat with a variation but it fits nicely into our programming this week. Blaze is gong to be a little different Thursday and close to a pure cardio wod, so we can hit barbell and wall balls pretty good Wednesday.

Part A

4 Rounds

10 KB Swings 35/25

20 Double Unders

10 Goblet Cossack Squats 35/26

20 Double Unders

Part B



Part C

Emotm 18

Minute 1: 10 Deadlifts 205/135

Minute 2: 20 Wall Balls

Minute 3: 12 Burpees

Performance: 185/125

Scaled 135/95, 10 Burpees